WhatsApp Desktop App will Soon Allow You to Send Images as Stickers

According to reports, WhatsApp is working on a new feature that would allow users to transform photographs into stickers. Users will notice a new sticker symbol or button when sharing a picture with another user once the tool’s development is complete. WhatsApp has not yet disclosed when the new feature would be available to all desktop users.

It will effectively allow users to send an image in a compressed format that will load more quickly. Additionally, instead of relying on third-party apps, users will now be able to create their own sticker from within the app. This feature is reportedly in the works and will be available in a future version.

WhatsApp features tracker WABetaInfo claims to have discovered the new ‘Send Image as Sticker’ function on WhatsApp for Desktop beta version 2.2137.3. “This function is in development, and it is not available for beta testers,” according to the article.

Because Apple does not allow third-party sticker maker apps to function on the Apple app store, the image to sticker conversion tool will be especially handy for iOS users. On the other hand, the Google Play app store has a number of apps that offer unique and celebratory stickers.

Users will see a new Sticker symbol next to the caption bar once the update is rolled out, according to WABetaInfo’s preview of the feature. Instead of sending a conventional photo upload, WhatsApp will send an image as a sticker when you press that. Users will also be able to confirm whether or not the image that has previously been transmitted is a sticker.

Other New Features From WhatsApp:

WhatsApp introduces new features and upgrades on a regular basis to improve the user experience. According to a recent rumor, WhatsApp is working on Disappearing Mode, which would allow Android users to specify multiple timelines for their ephemeral messages – 90 days, 7 days, or 24 hours. The default disappearing messages timer will apparently be available in the app’s privacy settings under Disappearing messages.

WhatsApp is also rumored to be testing a voice message transcription option for iOS users, in addition to the disappearing feature. Over time, the new capability may be available to both Android and iPhone users.

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