Google will not sell anyone’s personal information: Sundar Pichai

Google will not sell anyone's personal information Sundar Pichai
Google's CEO Sundar Pichai | Photo: Collected

Google will not sell any information to its third-party customers, commented on the search giant’s chief executive Sundar Pichai.

Pichai said, ‘Presently the issue of personal leaks has become a cause of concern for the people. Many social media customers are misusing them with information. Basically this is why people’s concerns are high.

On Tuesday, The New York Times expressed the opinion of the beautiful Pichayee. Pichai said there is a need to prove it to be wrong if anyone can buy personal information of the money. The most important thing at present is personal information.

Google’s Chief Executive said, ‘People are always worried about how their data is being used. But we want to ensure that customers never sell their information to third parties.

Privacy or confidentiality is a personal matter. Google will address this issue to its customers. At least Google customers will not be worried about their personal information, so Google will take all such measures.

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