Google Tulip | Available on April 1, 2019

Google tulip has been announced.

Decoding the language of flowers has been a decade-long challenge. But that changed today Thanks to the great progress of artificial intelligence, Google Assistant on the phone and Google Home has been able to understand the tulips, which allows translation between the language of tulips and dozens of people.

If you want to try for yourself, set your Google Assistant in English or smart speaker language in English and say “Talk to a Tulip Translator”.

Throughout time, people have made more effective ways to communicate with each other. But the technology did not create it with flowers, although it is not a secret that members of flower world talk to each other.

Scientists have found that plants use their roots to send signals to neighboring plants, as a way to maintain their safety and well-being.

The ability to speak with tulips comes with great environmental and social benefits. Tulips are now a way to point to people that they require water, light or anything else. Their needs are more clearly expressed, they are able to live a happy and healthy life.

Google Tulip | Available on April 1, 2019

Socially, it turns out to be the plant, and especially tulips, very sticky, and made for great friends. Tulips offer excellent advice and sound advice, while listening.

It does not come suddenly that the Google Toolpip Netherlands, where 12.5 billion flowers are produced annually, are mostly developed and tested. In particular, Dutch is famous for their tulips and is known in the world as a famous flower park, some kennelhof, which provides the perfect test ground.

Google is resolving the challenge of talking with plants separately.

Based on a progress in the name of Neural Machine Translation, we have worked with Wagnenin University and Research for Tulip Signal Maps in Human Language.

At the end of two years of training, we were finally able to add the tulips as a language in the broadcasted interpreter mode of Google Home.

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