Facebook uses drones to speed up Internet

Facebook uses drones to speed up Internet

Facebook Internet Drone

Facebook is starting to use drones to speed up mobile internet Facebook has taken this initiative to deliver fast Internet services that are largely inaccessible and in areas without adequate infrastructural facilities.

To this end, Facebook has recently explored ways to speed up mobile data using small and almost pocket-shaped drones.

These drones are designed primarily for carrying high density hard drives, which will be used to carry mobile data later on.

However, Facebook has taken such initiatives several times before. In 2017, Facebook launched a project related to the use of drones for speeding up the Internet in Katlina.

The company took this initiative under the social arial project. But a few months after the May 2017 F8 developer conference, Facebook closed the project.

Facebook uses drones to speed up Internet
Facebook Internet Drone

The idea was to try to implement the concept of a helicopter equipped with telecommunication so that hundreds of meters of the atmosphere could be transferred to remote areas through mobile data fiber and power lines, where the internet service was not being provided for disaster or other reasons.

But in June 2016, the project also moved away from Facebook.

But this social networking platform still continues their Internet dot ORG project, where the company is working to deliver the Internet to the relatively less developed parts of the world.

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