Tinder Makes Identity Verification Option Available to All Users

According to a press release, Tinder said on Monday that “in the coming quarters,” we will make identity verification available to all members around the globe. This feature allows users to upload documents and identify themselves. In Japan, these features running from 2019. Passports and licenses are commonly used for verification but they may vary from country to country.

The company said it would consider the documentation used in each country and the recommendations of local regulatory and legal experts and the opinions of Tinder members while releasing the feature. Tinder says the process is comprehensive, “need to be careful about personal information protection,” and “uses feedback to make sure it’s there.”

Rory Kozoll, Tinder’s head of trust and safety products, said the company is taking a “test and learn” approach to the rollout of identity authentication. “One of the most valuable things Tinder can do to make members feel safe is to give them the confidence that their matches are real and to give them more control over how they interact with whom,” Kozoll said in a statement.

Identity verification is voluntary at first, except as required by local law, and Tinder acknowledges that some users do not want to share their ID online.

Tinder continues to add safety-focused features to the app. Last year we added a photo verification system that adds a blue checkmark to a user’s dating profile. And in March, Match Group announced an investment in identity referral company Garbo, revealing that it would offer this technology to Tinder users, but that wasn’t the case yet.

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