Grammar check is now available on google Gboard to everyone.

Gboard’s grammar checking began rolling out to other Pixels in February without fanfare after debuting as a Pixel 6-only function. Now it appears like Google is officially extending it to all Android phones. Furthermore, Gboard will receive over 2000 new Emoji Kitchen mashup options. The fun formulaic stickers embrace a more extensive range of expressions.

As a way of welcoming in the lunar new year and the year of the tiger, Google recently upgraded Gboard to include fresh tiger emoji mashups. There were even more unique combinations in the December 2021 Feature Drop. There’s usually a new set to be found every month or two.

While the chefs in the Emoji Kitchen concoct the most delectable concoctions, Gboard’s grammar check tool is less well-known because it was only introduced with the Pixel 6. The feature uses impressive machine learning skills, processing your input entirely on-device to protect your privacy and providing blue underlining and a prompt to remedy the error.

Gboard can’t consistently discern the difference between “its” and “it’s” in my experience. Still, it’s another option to spot problems if you don’t type very well.

Jane Wong, an app-decompiling leaker, and researcher, first noticed the feature in development in January 2021. Following a quiet expansion to all Pixels last month, Google brings it to all Android phones worldwide.

This is just one of many announcements made by Google today, including the expansion of portrait effects in Google Photos to more item categories, a new screen time widget, and iMessage reactions in Google Messages.

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