Spotify Wrapped 2021

Every December, Spotify releases Wrapped, a personalized in-app experience that honors the music and podcasts you’ve listened to the most in the previous year. It’s something that our listeners anticipate all year. The outcomes are always surprising—and in some ways more so than others.

Once again, it’s that time of year: Spotify Wrapped has arrived. Every year, Spotify’s round-up of music tastes appears to take over social media for a few days, allowing you to share what you’ve been listening to with the rest of the world.

Spotify, like every Wrapped, will show you how many minutes you spent listening to music, your favorite genres, artists, and songs, as well as your audio aura. Thankfully, getting into Unwrapped is simple and should happen automatically the next time you use the app.

If not, follow these instructions to manually pull it up.

How do I get access to Spotify Wrapped?

Step 1: To listen to your Wrapped, go to the Spotify app on your phone and it should pop up with a box to play it, or go to this link: www.spotify.com/us/wrapped.

Step 2: Either tap the “Share this story” text in the app or the share button in the browser to share the round-up with your friends.

This should enable you to share the entire round-up on Instagram, Facebook, or via a link with your friends and family.

Access Wrapped year-round

Wrapped takes place once a year, but it doesn’t end in January. Year-round, go to the “Search” section of the app and scroll through “Browse all” to find your 2021 Wrapped. You can then replay your 2021 Wrapped experience as well as listen to your personalized playlists like Your Top Songs 2021, Missed Hits, and On Record. Plus, keep scrolling to see the rest of the year’s best songs, artists, and podcasts.

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