Google Play Games will introduce Android Games to PCs Running Windows

Google has announced that Android games will be available on Windows PCs. Next year, Google will release a standalone program for Windows that will bring the Google Play Games service to the platform.

Users will be able to explore Android games directly from Google on their Windows PCs as a result of this technology. Users will also be able to go back and forth between Android phones and tablets, Chromebooks, and Windows PCs at the same time.

Google hinted the coming of Google Play Games on Windows in 2022 during The Game Awards. The new move by the tech behemoth will bring one of the most extensive gaming ecosystems to Windows PCs. Players will be able to access hundreds of Android games from their computers.

A Google representative told The Verge that the company built the app entirely on its own, implying that the company’s efforts aren’t reliant on third-party companies.

According to The Verge, Google’s product director for games on Android and Google Play said beginning in 2022, players will be able to play their favorite games on a wider range of devices, including phones, tablets, Chromebooks, and, shortly, Windows PCs. This Google-built solution delivers the best of Google Play Games to more laptops and desktops, and they are excited to expand their platform so that users can continue to enjoy their favorite Android games.

Which Google Play Games will be Available on Windows?

It’s unclear whether the entire Google Play library will be available when the new service launches on PC. Players will be able to continue games on a desktop PC after playing them on a phone, tablet, or Chromebook with the new app. However, the specifics of the technology Google is utilizing to imitate Android apps on Windows, as well as which games will wind up on PC, are currently unknown.

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