Google Photos Locked Folder Feature Is Making Its Way to More Users

The Locked Folder feature was first released by Google Photos in May, but it was only available on Google Pixel handsets. It now appears to be reaching more Android smartphones, as Google promised a few months ago.

Users can save photos and videos individually in a password-protected folder with the Locked Folder function. The media will not appear while the user is browsing via Google Photos or any other Gallery app on their smartphone after it has been saved in the Locked Folder.

Google Photos Locked Folder

During the Google I/O event in May, the Locked Folder functionality for Google Photos was unveiled. The feature was only available for Pixel phones at the time. More Android smartphones are now getting the feature.

Google said in October that this capability would be available to more Android users in the future. The Google Photos Locked Folder feature has begun to roll out to more people, however, it is currently only available on selected smartphones.

In order to use the functionality, users must ensure that the app is up to date and on the newest version. After creating a Locked Folder, users can easily drag and drop existing material into the locked folder using the Move items option. Google Photos will not back up or share the media in the locked folders.

Google Photos Locked Folder Feature Expected Rollout Date:

Although no formal announcement has been made on the deployment, it is expected that the upgrade will be implemented gradually. In the coming days or weeks, all Android smartphones should receive the update. The iOS version of Locked Folder has yet to be released, and it may not appear until early next year.

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