YouTube Music 2021 Recap: Relive your year in music

YouTube Music has released its own version of Spotify Wrapped, which allows you to relive your favorite artists, songs, videos, and playlists from the year 2021.

The YouTube Music 2021 Recap arrives just days after Spotify released its own personalized year in review for its users – which means you can expect a flurry of social media updates about how many times your long-forgotten high school acquaintances played Taylor Swift’s new album this year.

Snark aside, there’s something incredibly entertaining about delving into your music listening habits, and it’s a feature we hope to see more music streaming services adopt. Have your preferences changed or remained the same? Is your most-played artist something you want to brag about or something you want to keep quiet about?

Whatever music has piqued your interest this year, YouTube Music 2021 Recap has given us yet another way to examine our musical preferences – here’s how to get started.

What is YouTube Music Recap 2021?

The YouTube Music 2021 Recap is a way for users of the music streaming service to reflect on their listening habits over the previous year.

You can see your personalized listening stats from 2021, including your favorite artists, songs, music videos, and playlists, as well as the most popular playlists created by app users.

You’ll also get a 2021 Recap playlist with your favorite songs from the year, as well as a rundown of your most recent musical discoveries, all of which can be easily shared on social media.

YouTube Music 2021 Recap: Relive your year in music
Image: Youtube

How to get YouTube Music 2021 Recap on an Android or iOS device

If you’re using an Android or iOS device, open the YouTube Music app and sign in (if you haven’t already).

After that, select your profile picture and then ‘2021 Recap’ to see your personalized playlist and listening statistics from the previous year.

You can either share your stats card directly from the app by pressing the arrow icon, or you can download it to your phone and manually share it.

How to get YouTube Music 2021 Recap in your browser

To begin, open your browser and go to music.youtube.com to sign in. Go to ‘Your Channel’ after selecting your profile picture. You should see a shelf labeled ‘Your Recap,’ which you can click to access your 2021 Recap playlist.

To share your playlist, click the three-dot menu icon next to it, then select ‘Share.’ From here, you can share the playlist on social media, embed it on your website, or email it to someone.

Why am I unable to view YouTube Music 2021 Recap?

It’s possible that you haven’t utilized the app to its full potential. You’ll need “at least 10 hours of music listening time across YouTube and/or YouTube Music from January 1, 2021, to November 15, 2021” to see your 2021 Recap, according to Google.

If you’re using a smartphone to access the feature, make sure you meet the requirements. Your Android (version 4.54 or newer) or iOS (version 4.55 or newer) device must have the YouTube Music app installed.

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