Water Resistance Tester- Test Your Phone’s Water Resistance

Water Resistance Tester is here- now you can test your android’s phone water resistance. And yes, without throwing your phone into the water.

The aptly named water resistance tester app is available for Android devices on the GooglePlay store. Tests the IP67 and IP68 waterproof seals of smartphones using the built-in barometer in the smartphone. Two Redditors from the Samsung community, the source of the post, have confirmed and deleted a note stating that the methodology is similar to how they test the sealing of OEM devices.

To start the test, place your phone on a solid, flat surface. Then place your thumb where it appears on the screen. With a little pressure, the test will start. If everything looks like it’s been sealed, like the day you unbox your phone, the app will flash a green checkmark. If not, you’ll have a hard time starting the test and you’ll see a huge red exclamation mark telling you that your phone isn’t waterproof. Android police are also cautioning that running the test using a protruding SIM tray will theoretically cause the test to fail because there is a huge crevice through which water could penetrate.

The barometer inside a smartphone measures relative air pressure around the device. Back when smartphones were just getting gussied up with premium features, the idea of a barometer inside such a small device seemed like a far-off ideal. Barometers are typically water-based or use a copper alloy solution that expands and contracts based on atmospheric pressure. But that’s too mechanical for a smartphone. Instead, a digital barometer is used to do this testing. It’s a simple pressure-sensing transducer, often found in the dedicated GPS chip. It measures pressure in Pascals, which is what “hPa” stands for on the results of the Water Resistance Tester. Phone barometers are so powerful, you could even DIY your own scale if you wanted.

If you try to live with your smartphone in your hand, the hydraulic seal may weaken over time. Such apps can help you evaluate used phones, for example, to make sure the seal is not damaged due to common wear.

It can also help provide information before accessing attractive waters. In the summer, when climate change is imminent, there is a way to test whether mobile phones can handle the inevitable torrents that erupt, at least after the polar ice caps have completely melted. We are having a great time. Make sure you have a smartphone.

Download from Google Play Store

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