FIFA 22 Title Update #1: Improved Refereeing and Fixed Goalkeepers

FIFA 22 will receive its first big patch, Title Update #1, which will include a slew of gameplay tweaks, most notably in the goalkeeping department. Goalkeepers are quite powerful in EA Sports’ new football sim, FIFA 22, as you may have read in other FIFA 22 reviews.

They also appear to be broken in certain areas, with some amusing and annoying bugs causing keepers to be baffled by the most basic of photographs. The latest patch improves its effectiveness and appears to repair the latter as well, but we won’t know for sure until we put it through its paces.

When goalkeepers dive for top corner shots from inside the penalty box, especially ones within 37 feet/11.27 meters of the goalie, their efficiency is lessened. Goalkeeper effectiveness, on the other hand, has been “somewhat” improved for high finesse shots. To make that possible, EA Sports has incorporated new goalie animations. The developers of FIFA 22 claim that keepers will now respond more naturally. Finally, EA has corrected an inaccurate saving animation that keepers used when storing headers on occasion.

The last section appears to address the issues we’ve had in the past. As you can see in the videos below, FIFA 22 goalkeepers are frequently clueless when it comes to even the most basic of headers. To be honest, it’s both aggravating and entertaining, albeit the former is a lot more prevalent when it happens online.

FIFA 22 Title Update #1 Availlibility:

For those playing FIFA 22 on Stadia, as well as PC gamers on Origin or Steam, Title Update #1 is now available. EA Sports said in the official FIFA Forums that it will be released “at a later date” for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S/X versions.

Other than that, FIFA 22 Title Update #1 introduces various modifications to the defensive gameplay. When attempting a sliding block, the number of players that make contact with a traveling ball has increased. Additionally, defenders marking opponents along the halfway line during counterattacks that arise from a corner will now do a better job of it.

FIFA 22 PS5 players will also benefit from a new controller setting that allows them to customize the amount of Adaptive Trigger Resistance they want. This should also help to assuage concerns about DualSense’s trigger springs, which have been known to fail and break down.

The first major patch for FIFA 22 will also improve refereeing. More fouls will be caused by high-velocity tackles now. When players intentionally collide with a goalkeeper who is holding the ball, the result will be the same. Meanwhile, fewer fouls will be committed as a result of light physical contact across the pitch. Finally, sliding tackles that are properly timed will result in fewer penalty kicks.

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