iOS 15- Everything you need to know about the upcoming iOS 15 on Apple

In June 2021, Apple announced the latest version of the iOS operating system, iOS 15, which will be released in the fall. iOS 15 introduced new features for FaceTime calls, tools to reduce distraction, new notification features, additional privacy features, and a comprehensive overhaul of Safari, weather, and maps.

iOS 15 makes FaceTime calls more natural, introduces SharePlay for experience sharing, helps users focus and stays in the moment through new notification management methods, and provides smarter photos and search access to quickly access information. Apple Maps provides a great new way to explore the world. The weather has been redesigned with a full-screen map and more graphical data screens. Wallet supports start keys and ID cards. The new tab bar makes browsing the web in Safari easier. Design and tab groups. Include new privacy controls in Siri, Mail, and elsewhere in the system to further protect user information.

Let’s find out more about iOS 15


iOS 15- Everything you need to know about the upcoming iOS 15 on Apple
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Apple has added new features to FaceTime in iOS 15, focusing on making them more user-friendly and realistic.

The spatial sound is amplified, which means that the 3D sound feels like your receiver is in the same room as you.

Voice isolation now focuses on your unique voice and shields all other environmental noises. There is also a broad spectrum focused on you and your surroundings.

There is also a grid view showing named groups and patterns. The portrait that comes with the app. The background is now out of focus and focused on you.

There is also a FaceTime link that can generate a link to schedule a call, similar to a Google Meet link.

SharePlay is also a new feature in iOS 15, where you can share music, watch TV shows and movies, and share screens to show recipients how to use specific applications.

You can also extend SharePlay to AppleTV, which is particularly useful for movies. It is also an API, so applications can use it soon. Supported services such as Disney+, Twitch, ESPN, TikTok use iOS 15 SharePlay.


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Another major improvement in iOS 15: Group chats now have a collage feature, making it easier to view multiple pictures.

“Shared with you” in the “News” app shows you what your friends have shared with you in the form of a link, and you can easily copy them into chat messages. It can also be used in Safari, music, and other applications.

There are also statuses that are very similar to WhatsApp and other messaging applications. If needed, you can even turn off group chat notifications individually. Hours or days, now you can.


image source: Apple

After many years of improvements, iOS 15 notifications have been redesigned. Notification summaries are here now, you can schedule them at a specific time, or even use machine learning algorithms yourself.

Manage all notifications on iPhone.

Do not disturb is also part of the improvement, if they are turned on, it will let your friends and family know.

Focus is also another notification summary feature, which encourages you to stay informed on the lock screen of certain apps based on your calendar and even your location.

Apple promotes intelligence and well-known machine learning methods, such as Siri’s recommendations.


iOS 15- Everything you need to know about the upcoming iOS 15 on Apple
image source: Apple

Apple’s internet browser has visible a massive redecorate in iOS 15, with extensions being carried over from macOS to the iPhone.

The deal with bar is now on the bottom, with gestures to effortlessly transfer among specific tabs and pass again to a full-display view, along with a pull to refresh internet window, just like fresh your mail or maybe your tweets, now in Safari.

There’s additionally a brand new domestic display, which you may personalize on your liking or even select your personal photos.

Many buttons that had been available are actually hidden at the back of a button, so this person interface may also alternate as we get hold of new betas withinside the coming months.

Live Text

image source: Apple

Craig Federighi also demonstrated a feature that allows you to photograph and mark up text, then copy it into a document, or even translate it. It is a direct competitor of Google Lens, and it seems to come in handy if you want to take a lot of photos or book a vacation.


image source: Apple

Photos are now included in Spotlight suggestions, so you can search for people in recent photos.

Smart Photos also has an extension called Memories that allows you to create new slideshows and carousels from a collection of photos with music, and can even display the music being played.

Apple Wallet

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Apple Wallet has another improvement in iOS 15: CarKey has U1 support, which allows you to unlock the car or even open the trunk.

You can also choose to use Wallet to log in to your workplace or home, and you will soon log in at Hyatt and other hotels. Enable this feature for devices running iOS 15.

Identification documents such as driver’s license (in the US) will also appear in Apple Wallet, and TSA will soon enable security checks.

Other features

Weather App: The weather app has been redesigned to use the dark sky detection function. Since last year, with more detailed and accurate weather conditions, use high-resolution weather maps to view the weather around you.

Now there will be notifications when it rains or snows in the next hour, and you can even mute certain cities added through the app to control the number of alerts received based on the number of cities added.

image source: Apple

Map: In iOS 15, the map application has received some useful improvements, and new details have been added to commercial areas and buildings. There are also views and updated color schemes with, particularly unique landmarks.

From the destination point of view, the drivers also look impeccable. The other one makes it easier to view intersections and upcoming road conditions.

Now you can create your favorite route for your public transportation to ensure your journey, even if you are on the subway, the map will track your progress and let you know the next stop.

Widget: These widgets have been further improved this year, including new functions such as “Find”, “Game Center”, “App Store Today”, “Sleep”, and “Mail”. Although the control center has not changed this year, there are now simpler Focus hotspots, etc., and the redesigned Apple TV Siri Remote.

iOS 15 release date

The new version of iOS is usually available in mid-September and is usually accompanied by the release of the new iPhone, so we can launch iOS 15 with the iPhone 13 in September 2021.

Published on WWDC (you can see what happened here). ), the developer beta is now available, and we are constantly researching many discoveries coming out this week.

The public beta will be released in July. So if you don’t mind random errors and crashes, you can try iOS 15 next month.

Apple also stated that the final version will be released in the fall. Based on the previous version, it looks like September will be the most likely time.

iOS 15 Supported Devices

As stated in the main section from Apple to iOS 15, this update is available for iPhone 6S and later. Some features may not be available on older iPhones, but will be introduced later.

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