Windows 11 features, such as the snipping tool and voice typing aren’t working in some cases

Some users are facing problems utilizing Windows 11 features such as the Snipping Tool, touch keyboard, voice typing, and emoji panel owing to an expired certificate, Microsoft has stated in a support post.

It has yet to fully remedy the certification issue and deliver affected functionality, such as the Snipping Tool, to market. The exact number of Windows 11 customers affected by the problem has yet to be determined.

Which Windows 11 features are not working?

Snipping Tool, accounts page and landing page in the Settings app Start menu in S mode, touch keyboard, voice typing, emoji panel, Input Method Editor user interface (IME UI), and Getting started as well as Tips are among the components affected by the issue.

Due to an issue with the digital certificate that expired on October 31, some Windows 11 users may no longer be able to access bundled Windows programs and features as of November 1.

Problems caused by expired certificates are nothing new for Microsoft, which has previously experienced global disruptions on major services such as Microsoft Teams and Azure.

Microsoft has released the optional patch KB5006746 to partially resolve the problem. With capabilities like a touch keyboard, voice typing, an emoji panel, and an IME UI, it addresses the certification issue. Microsoft recommends using the usual screenshot-capturing technique for the Snipping Tool, which involves pressing the Print Screen key on the keyboard and pasting the screenshot into your document.

The latest difficulties affecting Windows 11 users arrive just a few weeks after Microsoft issued Windows 11 Build 220000.282 to fix a flaw affecting AMD Ryzen processor-based systems.

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