Microsoft Office 2021 will be available on October 5th

The new version of Microsoft Office 2021 for Windows and macOS will be released on October 5th. The same day that Microsoft will officially release Windows 11.

This year’s Office 2021 will be a one-time purchase for both Windows and macOS users. People who don’t want to pay for Microsoft 365 subscriptions can use this alternative service.

If you’re using Microsoft 365, you will get the latest update of Office automatically. Of course, you need to have an active subscription. However, if you only use Word or Excel, you don’t have to pay for a subscription. That’s why Microsoft is releasing the Office with perpetual licenses.

Microsoft Office 2021 Features

The new version of Office, Office 2021, is an upgrade from Office 2019, and while Microsoft hasn’t officially announced new features. The company previewed what we can expect in its version of Office for commercial and government customers, which was released today. These include Dark Mode support, new Excel functions and formulas, a better way to search through a range of cells, and improved recording of PowerPoint slideshows for slide shows. Version 1.3 of the OpenDocument file format now supports multiple apps. In addition to improved in-app translation options for over 70 languages, Outlook will get better search functionality.

In comparison to previous Office suites, which had a seven-year support period, Microsoft has said it will only support Office 2021 for five years starting in 2019. The perpetual release means that there will be no regular feature updates, such as those provided by Microsoft 365. It’s a one-time-only purchase for those who want it.

Word, Excel, and PowerPoint won’t have real-time collaboration or AI-powered automation in Office 2021. A Microsoft 365 subscription gives you access to the latest cloud-based features, including a bevy of new remote collaboration tools.


Microsoft has not yet announced a price. But as of February, the one-time purchase pricing for personal and small business users remained similar. Even though Microsoft strongly encourages the use of Microsoft 365. Microsoft Office 2021 license will almost certainly be less expensive than a subscription.

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