Loki season 2: Everything we know so far

Loki Season 2 is officially underway. Marvel Studios has confirmed that they will be back with Looki season 2 in the sixth and last episodes of Trickster God Season 1. This will actually be the first Disney Plus Marvel Cinematic Universe show to have a second season.

The finale left many story threads for discussion this season as well as future MCU projects. Dawn in the Marvel Cinematic Multiverse (MCM) and Loki’s situation on TVA are only two brinks that season 2 has to address.

Season 2 of Loki is still a long way from the end, but the show’s cast and crew have provided details for the next season that will make for an interesting read. The creators of the program knew that season 2 was going as it was in production, so they understood the finale. So, in a sense, the climax was shaped by the knowledge that more of the story was going on.

Loki Season 1 and some soon-to-be-released Marvel movie spoilers follow.

Release Date: Far away. According to reports, season 2 of Loki is set to begin filming in January 2022. Then, given the level of show effect, it’s more likely to be released in 2023.

Loki season 2 Cast

We can’t confirm which actors will be returning, but we can guess who will likely be re-playing their roles based on the end of season 1:

Tom Hiddleston as Loki
Owen Wilson as Agent Mobius
Gugu Mbatha-Raw as Ravonna Renslayer
Wunmi Mosaku as Hunter B-15
Eugene Cordero as Casey
Tara Strong as Miss Minutes

Hiddleston, Wilson, and Mosaku should all return as Loki, Mobius, and Hunter B-15, respectively.

This prediction is based on how season 1 ended and Loki happened to be an alternate reality version of Mobius and Hunter B15 at another time-varying agency (TVA). This is the most logical assumption we can make based on the fact that the duo doesn’t recognize Loki when confronting him.

Loki season 2 trailer:

Not yet. Season 2 hasn’t entered production, so a trailer won’t arrive for some time. Once one is released, we’ll update this section.

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