Google has added some new features to Google Meet

Google has added some new features to Google Meet to make it easier for users to control and direct meetings. However, the exact controls you can use depend on whether you use Meet as a regular user or as part of the Google Workspace team.

The main update is that all users can now specify up to 25 co-organizers per meeting. Co-organizers have access to organizer control. This not only allows you to share your screen and limit who can send chat messages but also mute all participants with a single click to end the meeting and enter the meeting. You can control who can (this last feature is only available in certain Google Workspace versions). Previously, the ability to assign co-hosts was only available to Google Workspace for Education customers.

If you’re a GoogleWorkspace customer, GoogleMeet is also getting new quick access settings. This is enabled by default, but if you turn it off, you won’t be able to start a meeting until the host joins it. Users can block anonymous users from joining or only invite participants to join without question. This means that only those who are supposed to be in the meeting can actually participate.

The changes will be available on the web and Android from August 16th and on iOS from August 30th. Check out the Google blog post here for more information on the changes and availability of the different Workplace versions.

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