Apple Tv Plus shows & movies coming in this fall

Apple CEO Tim Cook released a torrent of new trailers for upcoming Apple TV Plus shows and movies at the company’s California Streaming event. You’ll find some of the biggest names like The Morning Show Season 2, Foundation, as well as John Stewart’s new show The Problem with John Stewart.

John Stewart (September 30), Finch (November 5), and The Shrink Next Door (November 12) were all revealed, as well as their respective release dates.

There’s plenty to watch on the service until these shows are released, including Ted Lasso Season 2, which is just a few weeks away from wrapping up, as well as Mr. Corman, starring Joseph Gordon Levitt and See, starring Jason Moma.

Arriving soon on Apple TV+

The Morning Show Season 2 (September 17)

The second season of Apple TV Plus’ most popular show premieres on September 17. When it comes to quality content, The Morning Show is unquestionably among Apple’s best. It features Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon among others. After one of its original anchors (Steve Carrell) is implicated in a scandal, the show unfolds as a newsroom drama. On Apple TV Plus, you can watch this primetime drama at any time, from anywhere.

Foundation (September 24)

In the next few months, there will be a slew of sci-fi television shows and movies to enjoy. In addition to Frank Herbert’s Dune in theaters and on HBO Max, Apple TV Plus subscribers will be able to watch Isaac Asimov’s seminal Foundation series starting on September 24 on their smaller screens via Apple TV Plus. Considering Asimov’s dense (yet enjoyable) books, we’re eager to see how Apple’s adaptation measures up in comparison.

The Problem with John Stewart (September 30)

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years, it’s that The Problem, with John Stewart, is a much better title for John Stewart’s new show. Stewart will attempt to tackle some of today’s biggest issues with his trademark satirical comedic style that’s both hilarious and compassionate for the average American. The show will be a continuation of The Daily Show. As of September 30th, it will be available to the general public.

Finch (November 5)

In October, Apple TV Plus will debut a few decent shows, but it won’t be until November that the streaming service returns to its original programming. We’ll start with Finch, starring Tom Hanks. Finch stars Tom Hanks, his dog, and a robot as they explore the ravaged remains of a planet that – in all likelihood – is planet earth after we’ve extracted all of its natural resources. But with Hanks in charge, we’re more than willing to give it a shot on November 5 when it hits Apple TV+

The Shrink Next Door (November 12)

The Shrink Next Door, a dramedy starring Paul Rudd and Will Ferrell, is Apple TV Plus’s most anticipated movie. There, Rudd plays a psychologist tasked with helping Ferrell’s character establish boundaries. However, we’re hoping the results will be heartwarming or funny rather than depressing or creepy as their therapy evolves into basketball, long hugs, or walks in the park. As soon as the movie comes out on November 12, we’ll know for sure.

What’s on Apple TV+ right now

Ted Lasso (Season 2 available now)

There is one recommendation we’d like you to keep in mind, and that would be Ted Lasso. The first season of the genuinely beautiful series starring Jason Sudeikis as Coach Lasso threw us for a loop. But the second season has shown us that wounds heal over time and that family is truly the people we choose to be with rather than those we’re born with. Even though the second season of Ted Lasso will be ending soon, now is a great time to start watching if you haven’t already.

Mr. Corman (Season 1 available now)

In this year’s music teacher craze, both Apple and Disney are enamored. Music is a cornerstone of our lives in Disney’s and Pixar’s Soul, but Mr. Corman shows us the opposite – what happens when someone with musical talent doesn’t use it to the fullest. Actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt has to deal with his life choices, as well as his unfulfilled dream, in the form of a dramedy.

Mythic Quest (Season 2 available now)

Take the dysfunctional family of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, stick them in charge of a video game developer, and voila! You’ve got Mythic Quest. While the premise sounds completely and utterly ridiculous the results are… OK, they’re ridiculous too. What makes Mythic Quest great is its amazing cast of characters, the pitch-perfect satire of the games industry, and some sweeping character arcs that are as epic as the title suggests. We highly recommend watching both seasons of the show.

The Elephant Queen (Available now)

Even if you’re not a big fan of animal documentaries, The Elephant Queen is still a solid piece of entertainment. With Chiwetel Ejiofor narrating the life of an elephant matriarch named Athena, this acclaimed documentary won at the Cinema For Peace Awards in 2019 for Best Science/Nature Documentary and Best Narration. There’s also a fantastic documentary called Elephant (2020) on Disney Plus that is narrated by Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, and is a must-see for any pachyderm fan.

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