Xiaomi Smart Glasses: Xiaomi’s First Smart Eyewear

Xiaomi has announced the Xiaomi Smart Glasses, the company’s first smart eyewear gadget. The Xiaomi Smart Glasses resemble regular sunglasses, but they contain sensors and an imaging system that enable a variety of smart capabilities such as navigation and real-time text translation.

The new Xiaomi Smart Glasses have been introduced, however, there is no word on cost or availability. The wearable will most likely launch in China initially, before expanding to other areas. Xiaomi’s new Smart Glasses will compete with Facebook’s Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses, which were just released. Facebook has taken the classic Wayfarer frames and combined them with smart components to offer a variety of features.

The Smart Glasses are small and light, weighing only 51 grams, and feature a unique MicroLED optical waveguide technology that displays messages and notifications right in front of your eyes, according to the company. The Glasses are also believed to be able to conduct phone calls, provide augmented reality (AR) navigation, record images, and translate text in real-time.

As previously stated, the glasses use MicroLED imaging technology to reduce the amount of design space required in structural design as well as the device’s total weight. MicroLEDs, according to Xiaomi, has a better pixel density and a more straightforward structure. This enables for a more compact display as well as simpler integration with other screens. It has a display chip that is only 2.4×2.02mm in size. Xiaomi claims that the display is around the size of a grain of rice under a microscope, with individual pixels measuring 4m.

The Smart Glasses, according to the company, has 497 components, including small sensors and communication units. Xiaomi claims that the wearable can perform independent tasks such as navigation, photography, teleprompting, and real-time text and photo translations. Xiaomi Smart Glasses are also supposed to reduce distractions at inconvenient times and provide crucial information when needed.

The Smart Glasses include a 5-megapixel camera built-in that can snap images and interpret the text. The Xiaomi Smart Glasses, according to the company, can also convert sounds into text and provide real-time translations. A quad-core ARM processor, a touchpad, and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth compatibility are among the other features. The Smart Glasses, according to Xiaomi, run on the Android operating system.

For voice commands, the new Xiaomi Smart Glasses feature XiaoAI AI helpers. The ‘main interaction method’ is said to be this. Only the most critical notifications will be displayed by the glasses. Smart home alerts, vital information from business apps, and messages from important contacts, for example, will be prioritized. The new glasses have a built-in dual beamforming microphone and speaker that can be used to make phone calls. Furthermore, Xiaomi Smart Glasses can display real-time maps and highways in front of you, allowing you to keep your eyes on the road safely and comfortably.

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