Bloodshed Sri Lanka, two suicide bombers in 8 attacks

Two suicidal bombs were attacked in eight attacks in Sri Lanka on Sunday morning. However, the types of the remaining attacks are not yet known. News AFP

Meanwhile, Sri Lanka Police arrested seven people suspected of involvement in the bomb attack.

Citing a police source in Sri Lanka’s capital Colombo, AFP reported that the eighth attack was in a house in the capital’s northern region. The type of attack was suicide. On the condition of keeping the name hidden, a police official said that the police had entered the house for the investigation. When they went downstairs to the floor, a bomb came on the floor and exploded. Three police officers were killed in the incident.

On the other hand, there are three hotels in the Sinamon Grand Hotel, one of the attacks. An official from the hotel said a man with bombs entered the hotel restaurant and exploded.

However, there is no known information about the nature of the other attacks. Also, no party has yet claimed responsibility for the incident.

During the celebration of Easter Sunday in Sri Lanka, a series of bomb attacks occurred in three churches and three hotels. Then there were two other bomb attacks. More than 197 people were killed in these attacks. 35 of the foreigners are foreigners. The number of injured people has crossed 400. This attack is considered to be the biggest attack in Sri Lanka’s history after the civil war.

Sri Lankan Defense Minister Ruhan Bijayavardhane said that the police have arrested seven people suspected of involvement in the bomb attack. Curfew has been imposed in Sri Lanka on Sunday six. The curfew will be issued tomorrow till 6am on Monday.

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