Facebook’s allegations of misuse of data against Rankwave

Facebook has accused the South Korean company Rankwave of using illegal information in marketing and advertising.

The social media organization has called upon the judges to see if RankWave’s activities are allowed to monitor whether they have collected and sold information.

A Facebook source said they still do not know how much information has been collected and how many subscribers will be affected.

However, the company said that a new message will be sent to developers according to the new steps that Facebook is committed to implementing their policies.

Facebook Platform Enforcement Director Jessica Romero said that Facebook is investigating information related to advertising and marketing of RankWave. But unable to cope with the effort to ensure that Rankwave agreed with our policy.

However, no comment was found on the Ranked Web.

According to the data submitted in California on Friday, there are 30 different types of apps using the Facebook Rankwave allegations that track the likes and comments of Facebook pages and analyze them.

RankWave also has a user app that follows the popularity of the user’s post after getting user permission. Facebook said, then the app count ‘the level of social impact’.

Since 2014, Facebook has received these information, Rankwave is collecting data from their apps, for their own business, including advertising services to advertising and marketing establishments.

In spite of their request repeatedly making a complaint against the Facebook Rankwave in the case, they refused to give any audit evidence and any evidence related to the information they had.

Facebook wants the judge to take all those steps to pressure Rankwave. And indefinite amount compensation compensation Because of this, Facebook’s reputation and public opinion have been threatened. Rankwave was effective until June 2018.

Facebook warns of their information after the Cambridge Analyte scandal During that time, information collected through Facebook was used for political purposes. And it was used in the US elections. There was a lot of trouble in the Facebook

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