New Traffic Safety Laws of Bangladesh in 2021

The public authority of Bangladesh has as of late executed New Traffic Safety Laws. Traffic rules play a huge role in Bangladesh as this is one of the densely populated countries in the world. Pedestrian’s and passenger’s security in the streets is presently a consuming issue in Bangladesh.

In spite of the fact that strolling is a significant travel method, passerby’s needs are overlooked. New Traffic Rules are executed to decrease accident rates in the city. Most of the traffic victims in the capital city are people on foot. They are commonly struck by a vehicle. We should perceive what the new principles of Bangladesh traffic are.

The Government forced the new guidelines on the streets and parkways were seen being merciful on people on foot. Police have to be available at the crossing points, and traffic circles. BRTA is at the top of the transport control department enrolled guidance to help with the new law’s execution.

The authorities sometimes struggle to test drivers for dope because of insufficient support. The Dhaka Metropolitan Police has set up a fine outline for better implementation of the new law.

New Traffic Safety Laws

New Traffic Safety Laws:

In order to get a driving license one must pass the 8th class in the Bangladesh education curriculum. If you are driving a car without having a license you could go to jail for as long as six months plus you could be fined as much as 25000 taka. The punishment will be heavier if you drive with a forged license. For a fake license, you could go to jail for a maximum of two years plus you could be fined as much as 200000 taka.

If you drive over the speed limit you could be punished with a maximum of 3 months imprisonment and a maximum of 10000 taka fine.

Parking in a no-parking zone could cost you up to a 5000 taka fine. If your horn sound is too loud you could go to jail for up to 3 months and could be fined up to 10000 tk. If your vehicle is overloaded you could be fined up to 1 year and could be imprisoned for up to 1 year.

If someone is killed in an accident, the driver might have to pay up to a 500000 taka fine and up to 5 years of imprisonment. But the punishment is different if a driver kills someone intentionally. In the event, someone is killed in an intentional accident the driver will be tried according to the 302 section.

Driving without licenseUp to 6 months jail with 25,000 tk fine
Forged license1 to 5 lakhs fine or 6 to 24 months years imprisonment
Unregistered vehicleUp to 6 months imprisonment, 50,000 tk fine
Unfit Vehicleup to 6 months imprisonment, 25,000 tk fine
Ignoring traffic signalUp to 10,000 tk fine
Driving over the speed limitUp to 3 months imprisonment, 10,000 tk fine
Illegal parkingUp to 5,000 tk fine
Route violationUp to 6 months imprisonment, 25,000 taka fine
Meter temperingUp to 6 months imprisonment, 50,000 taka fine
Not wearing eat beatUp to 5,000 tk fine
Drivers talking on the phoneUp to 5,000 tk fine
Not wearing helmetUp to 10,000 tk fine
Driving on the wrong sideup to 10,000

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