Syed Mahmud Hossain – The chief justice of Bangladesh

Honorable Justice Syed Mahmud Hossain was born on thirty-first December in 1954. Syed Mahmud is the son of Syed Mustafa Ali. now, He is the Chief Justice of Bangladesh.


His Lordship spent his school life in Comilla. He passed SSC Comilla Zilla School in the year 1972 and HSC from Comilla Victoria College in 1974. Then he completed his bachelor’s degree in 1976 from Comilla Victoria College. After that, acquired his law degree from Comilla Law College in 1980. Then he took the “Republic Young Lawyers Course” from the University of London.


Syed Mahmud Hossain’s career was started in 1981 as an Advocate of the District Court. He Enrolled as an advocate in the High Court Division of Bangladesh Supreme Court in 1983. Then he joined as Deputy Attorney General from in 1999. He acted as Deputy Attorney General till elevation to the Bench.

He became an Additional Judge of the High Court Division on February 22, 2001. Then he joined as a Judge of the High Court Division on February 22, 2003. He remained a Judge of the High Court till February 22, 2011.

Chief Justice Syed Mahmud Hossain

He was made Justice to the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court on February 23, 2011. Syed Mahmud Hossain took oath as the 22nd Chief Justice of Bangladesh on February 3, 2018.

Notable Activities:

The Chief Justice Participated in the International Seminars and Study Tours held in Penang- Malaysia, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, India, South Korea, and Hong Kong.

His lordship visited the Courts of Canada and the USA in 2012 under the Judicial Strengthening (JUST) Project upheld by UNDP to share insight and trade sees with Judges of those nations for improving the equity.

He was selected as the chairman of the search committee multiple times. Chief Justice Syed Mahmud Hossain is supposed to retire on December 30, 2021.

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