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XATTORNEY is an AI-based Case & Chamber Management Software for Advocates. In this period of data innovation, the transcribed journal arrangement in storing case information is inconvenient. Moreover, the manually written journal has numerous restrictions which is a big inconvenience in the competition of the law profession.


For example, when lawyers keep every information of the case manually, sometimes they are not able to inform the client about the hearing date of his case. So a diary of some kind that always stays with the lawyers would be a great help which isn’t always possible. XATTORNEY stops that from happening by keeping the lawyer updated all the time. The platform enables law firms and other businesses in the legal industry to track important deadlines, manage client cases and documents, bill clients, and accept payments.

When lawyers keep case information manually like the old way, it’s very hard to find those documents after some time. Even if they find the information they need, it will be time-consuming and complicated. As a lawyer, the biggest advantage of using XATTORNEY is that your personal data is saved in a cloud. So, you can find all the information you need after years by just browsing the XATTORNEY app.


XATTORNEY provides both desktop and mobile applications so that lawyers can conveniently access the system at any time, from anywhere. Lawyers can remotely access their client’s information and case details. The application works on computers, smartphones, and tablets. XATTORNEY is a practical, hassle-free, seamless, and superior case management solution for lawyers. If any fact of the case changes, as soon as it gets updated on the software, every lawyer assigned to the case will get a notification. Not just notification, lawyers can send SMS to their clients using the XATTORNEY application. So, lawyers can inform their clients regarding the update of the case, dates of hearing, or any other details. XATTORNEY makes sure a good relationship between the lawyers and their clients is maintained. Lawyers can even send emails to the clients using XATTORNEY to eliminate confusion. Lawyers can keep important contacts saved in XATTORNEY app.

Law firms can make entries of the cases with details so that the lawyers of that firm can understand the case properly. They can categorize the cases for their lawyers to understand the cases properly. Firms can assign lawyers for a specific case. 

Is it Safe?

Clients’ information and firm’s data always need to be safe. XATTORNEY regularly screens for expected vulnerabilities and updates the configuration of their system to guarantee the information is always secured.


XATTORNEY provides a half-yearly basic plan that goes around for 3500 tk & the yearly premium plan goes for 6000 tk. But as their promotional sale is going on right now, they will charge 1500 Tk for the half-yearly basic plan & 2500 TK for the yearly premium plan right now.

Half-Yearly Basic Plan
Half-Yearly Basic Plan
Yearly Premium Plan

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