Windows 11: Several functions from the Control Panel have been moved to Settings

Microsoft is still working on migrating more settings from the Control Panel to the Settings app. Microsoft has just published a Windows 11 preview edition, and the area for removing Windows Updates has been moved to Settings.

Changes to the Windows 11:

The Dev Channel has received Windows 11 insider preview build 22523 from Microsoft. The changes to the most recent version were stated by the firm. The most noticeable change is that the Control Panel’s shortcuts to Programs and Features now open under Settings > Apps > Installed Apps. Uninstall Updates (for cumulative updates, etc.) will be moved from Control Panel to a new page in Settings under Settings > Windows Update > Update History, according to the company.

When a user tries to open the Programs and Features area of the Control Panel after the current update, it is now redirected to Windows Settings. The Control Panel has been a feature of Windows since the beginning. Microsoft also moved advanced sharing settings including Network discovery, File and printer sharing, and public folder sharing to a new page in the Settings app called Advanced Network Settings in the prior version.

Other small updates are also included in Windows 11 version 22523. Snap Groups are now available in the Alt + Tab menu for all insiders. In addition, File Explorer displays media server settings in the toolbar menu. According to Microsoft, the Windows Insider program will end in 2021 with Build 22523. On the official website, you can download it as an ISO file.

Microsoft had previously revealed that advanced sharing settings such as Network discovery, File and printer sharing, and public folder sharing would be moved to a new page in the Settings app under Advanced Network Settings in preview build 22509, which was released on December 1. In addition, Control Panel entry points for network and device settings began redirecting to the respective pages in Settings.

Microsoft also made improvements to the device-specific pages under Printers and Scanners in Settings, so that when available, more information about the user’s printer or scanner will be displayed directly in Settings.

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