Telegram to launch group video calling feature in May to counter Zoom

  • Telegram is set to carry out a video conferencing highlight in May.
  • It will include screen sharing, encryption, commotion dropping, work area and tablet support.
  • Telegram as of late carried out calling highlights on stations which changes any station into a audio chat room.

Telegram, the informing application which pulls out all the stops on security, could dispatch its video conferencing highlights in May. The improvement comes not long after Telegram carried out calling highlights on channels which changes any station into an audio-talk room offering approach to audio conversations. Telegram dispatched one-on-one encoded video brings in August and now it is set to carry out bunch video calls.

Telegram CEO Pavel Durov in his station noticed that the video conferencing highlight could carry out by May. “We will add a video measurement to our voice talks in May, making Telegram an amazing stage for bunch video calls,” Durov noted.”Screen sharing, encryption, commotion dropping, work area and tablet support — all that you can anticipate from an advanced video conferencing apparatus, yet with their-level UI, speed and encryption. Stay tuned!” he added.

Telegram was accounted for to dispatch a video conferencing apparatus in April a year ago when it had noticed that, “Video brings in 2020 are similar as informing in 2013. There are applications that are either secure or usable, yet not both. We’d prefer to fix that.” This assertion came when video calling applications like Zoom were acquiring monstrous prevalence yet were reprimanded for its security issues. In any case, in the previous one year, Zoom has carried out start to finish encryption, two factor confirmation and other security devices for an upgraded video calling experience.

Recently, Telegram presented an installment 2.0 wherein traders can make bots to send bill to clients. Clients would then be able to make installments by tapping on the Pay button that will accompany the receipt through their Visas, charge cards, or Google Pay. They ensures that it doesn’t gather installment data and takes no commission.

There’s additionally a sober minded motivation for Telegram to add a gathering video call work. They have been hurrying to fund-raise, getting more than $1 billion just by selling securities. The new element gives supporters motivation to continue emptying cash into Telegram, showing that their cash could make the application an adversary to Zoom and other tech heavyweights.

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