Tiktok app touch 100 million milestone !

Various songs, famous movies, dialogues, and many other interesting audio with the lips to create small videos and can be uploaded by Tiktok App.

China’s Byte Dance creates an applet named Tiktok. The small video share app has reached milestone of 100 billion downloads on Android and iOS platforms. This information has been reported in a news agency ANI report.

This app is popular due to the creation of various videos for a few days. But there have also been allegations of spreading ugly videos against it. There is a demand for closing the app in India. Apart from this, Bangladesh too has taken stern position against it.

However, its popularity as a social video app has increased, according to a report by the Sensor Tower published in its Store Intelligence report.

100 million downloads are calculated as the lite version and regional version of this calculation. According to the Sensor Tower report, the new user of this app worldwide is 70.13 million. Last year Facebook app installed 71.10 million and Instagram app has been downloaded 44.40 million Last year, the most downloaded app was the fourth place in the Tiktok. As a new installment, it had three locations around the world in January last year. And in the United States last month it was at the top.

More than 25 percent of the more popular downloading of Tiktok has been made in India. In January this year, the use of Tiktok increased in the United States in January this year. Last year’s installed rate was 5.6 percent, which reached 9 percent this year.

Recently, Tiktok Apps are also being widely discussed in Bangladesh. ICT minister Mustafa Jabbar, said to close the app in Bangladesh.

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