How to turn on Messenger in Dark Mode?

Messenger Dark Mode

The Facebook messenger launched the most popular feature, Dark Mode.

Surprising battery cost of smartphones is very useful because it is known as the most popular feature of many. Facebook Messenger has announced the launch of a worldwide feature. However, in some places the feature (dark mode) is not available.

Messenger needs to turn on the Dark Mode feature manually by user. To turn on the feature, the messenger with the smart phone Internet connection must be installed. Then you have to open it.

After you open Messenger, go to the chatbox to chat with someone. There will be emoji options. The Emoji emitted from the emoji and it must be sent. After the emoji will be sent there, ‘You Found Dark Mood’ Under which, ‘TURN ON IN SETTING’ will be written below. It will be available after doing that dark mode feature by manually.


In October 2018, the social media giant announced that they were bringing the much-awaited post office feature. But 4 months after the announcement, some users from several countries said they got the feature. Basically it has experimented with Facebook.

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