iOS 15 vs Android 12: Which is the best?

iOS 15 vs Android 12 that battle already started. Let’s jump to the debate now…

Both Android 12 and iOS 15 are major updates, not only the look of each operating system but also the way you interact with your smartphone.

From the new Material You development language in Android 12 to the custom notifications and the new Focus mode in iOS 15, you can be sure that no matter what device you use, you can expect great things this year-Android 12 will be launched at the end of summer, And iOS 15-coming soon. Android and iOS are closer than ever in some respects, but still very different in other respects.

iOS vs Android

Apple introduced iOS 15, which is going to be the next operating system for the iPhone. The software provides new tools for device owners to define the boundaries of mixed work. For example, a status message lets others know that you are busy before you send a message.

Facetime gets the biggest expansion since its debut more than a decade ago. The service will eventually be open to third-party devices, including Android phones, and has been enhanced to make the appearance and sound of video sessions better.

Google launched Android 12, its latest mobile device operating system last month. And the company has been focusing on tweaking its software design to help people do their jobs more efficiently. Including context menus for faster access to your favorite tools.

But which one left us the deepest impression?

This is a big problem, and it boils down to the problem that we think each new version will have the most impact on users. As usual, the iPhone vs. Android debate depends on your preference. But the interesting thing is that you will have to wait for the update to appear on your phone.

The battle between iOS 15 and Android 12 unfolds below

Apple and Google want you to be more productive.

Apple’s new software provides iPhone users with tools to reduce interference, and Google has added buttons that allow people to complete their work faster with their phones.

A new feature from Apple called Focus, which allows you to set boundaries for different parts of the day. You can divide the day into categories such as personal life, work, and sleep. For each of those, you can set who, and which apps can trigger notifications on your phone.

At work, you can configure your phone to only display messages from your boss as notifications. Other notifications are disabled. If you want to focus on your private life, you can only allow notifications from family and friends. You can also set your phone to “Do Not Disturb” and receive status messages, such as “Due Date” or “In Movie”. People who try to send you a message will see this status and may consider sending you a message later.

Google’s changes are more aesthetic: it redesigned the controls on Android and added large rectangular buttons for easy access to functions such as flashlights, Internet settings, and recording.

Apple’s FaceTime is getting a Zoom-like upgrade

Video conferencing has become a ubiquitous way of communication for business meetings, happy hours, and yoga. Apple’s FaceTime is currently undergoing an overhaul to increase functionality and use it with third-party devices.

FaceTime will be available through Internet browsers for the first time in iOS 15. This means that Android and Windows users can use their browsers to video chat with iPhone users by clicking the Click link in a FaceTime session.

However, the most significant new features in FaceTime are still unique to Apple users. SharePlay allows iPhone users to use the application together during FaceTime calls. If you are playing a movie and press the SharePlay button, other people in the call can do so. However, if an Android user is making a FaceTime call, the SharePlay feature will not be available at all.

Apple’s camera software plays catch-up with Google

For years, Apple and Google have been competing with each other to provide cameras for mobile phones that take beautiful photos. But Apple’s camera software lags behind Google’s artificial intelligence-based software. In iOS 15, Apple is taking steps to create camera software smartest.

iPhone users will soon be able to expand the camera’s capabilities as a document scanner, with what Apple calls Live Text. For example, if you took a photo of a receipt at a restaurant, you can click on the phone number in the photo with real-time text to call the restaurant. Or, if you point the camera at the tracking label, you can tap the tracking number to immediately track the package without writing it.

You can also convert handwritten recipe sketches into text and transfer them to your digital notepad.

The technology to control this is called optical image recognition combined with some artificial intelligence. The Android photo app has a similar function, Lens, for about four years.

Google plays catch-up with Apple on privacy

In the past few years, Apple has introduced tools to protect user privacy. Including a button that iPhone users can use to ask applications not to track their activities or share them with third parties such as marketers.

Google’s revenue is mainly based on digital advertising. It does not respond to similar messages, so users can easily opt out of tracking. But Android 12 will give users a clearer understanding of the data that apps are collecting. And provide new controls to monitor restricted apps to access data.

What Google calls the privacy bar shows a timeline of apps that can access different parts of the phone throughout the day.

Google has also added several buttons, such as an Automatic switch to disable the application’s access to the phone’s microphone and camera. This is useful in tricky situations, such as when you’re talking with someone and want to make sure an app is not listening in on the conversation.

Apple also announced that it will provide additional data protection controls for the iPhone. Including the so-called application privacy report, which works similarly to Google’s data protection dashboard. The privacy report not only shows what data each application is using but also shows the domain, or the URL link, that the applications are collecting. That can provide insight into the company with which the application communicates when it is in use.

Which OS update stands out?

iOS 15 vs Android 12- there is no clear answer to the question of what is better or what stands out. The new iOS 15 changes (including notifications) look and feel great, but iOS still looks the same as it was a few years ago. Apple’s iPhone needs its own Material You moments.

Android 12 is the most impressive. This is a complete overhaul, providing users with more customization options that iOS cannot (and probably never will). Your Android 12 phone will be very different from mine. This is a wonderful thing

But if you look at the number of major feature updates, iOS 15 is the most impressive operating system this year. Apple spares no effort, which means its iPhone will be more powerful this fall.

Trying to deal with anything new in iOS 15 is not an easy task, and many Android 12 updates are for the basic operating system, except for Material you. and Google is updating applications other than the platform update. so you don’t need to update the Operating system version to change. Most of the core sentences. The person in charge of each application usually introduces new features separately.

iOS 15 vs Android 12 who is the best? To get this result we will have to wait a few more months to get the final version of these two updates. Android 12 will be released in the late summer. Apple said that iOS 15 will be released in the fall. But we have seen enough in their respective previews. information. Perform a preliminary evaluation of these software updates.

In some respects, Android and iOS are closer than ever, but in other respects, they are still very different.

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