Dexter: New Blood Trailer and release date announced

Dexter: New Blood is about the Killer Dexter Morgan. Dexter New Blood catches Dexter for the first time in 10 years since he “disappeared” in the middle of the hurricane. Under the name Jim Lindsay, he started a new life with a smile on the faces of all the locals who accepted him as a friend while working in a small village store. However, Dexter’s Dark Passenger still remains, and it seems that the urge to kill can threaten his new way of life. See the Dexter: New Blood trailer below.

After the disappointing series finale left Dexter Morgan with a nasty lumberjack beard and an unsatisfactory ending, Michael C to see if the serial killer everyone likes can get better results. The hole is back.

Dexter: New Blood means a 10-part limited series return for a show that went on for eight seasons at Showtime. Can this give us a new ending for Dexter Morgan? Or is this possible to signal a longer return for serial killers who have experienced confusion over the years? It probably depends on the evaluation.

We knew he was making a comeback to Dexter a while ago, starring as John Reese and Trinity Killer. But the rival killer died at the hands of Dexter long ago, so he’s convinced that nothing appears in the flesh. We think he’ll probably appear in Dexter in the Vision as a new form of his Dark Passenger.

Another possibility for Trinity Killer’s return could be as a dark passenger for Dexter’s son Harrison. The last time we met him was when he was left with Hannah before Dexter forged his own death. Harrison could be old enough to find his father if he gets his hands on the ink that he might be alive somewhere. It will be a significant reveal for the series comeback.

Dexter: New Blood will premiere on Showtime on November 7, 2021, at 9 pm ET. For more information on Dexter from the beginning of ET, the first three episodes are available for free on YouTube, and the remaining episodes are offered to Showtime subscribers via cable and streaming.

Dexter’s Michael C. Hall participates in New Blood. Julia Jones, Aranomira, Jonisekoya, Jack Arukotto, Clancy Brown, Clyde Phillips will return as showrunners. Michael C Hall, John Goldwyn, Sarah Corretton, Marcos Cigar, and Bill Catraro will direct production along with Scott Reynolds.

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