Google Maps may finally show how much your tolls will cost

Google Maps is one of the most useful platforms of Internet search giants, and the company continues to look for ways and means to make it even more convenient. The app already shows the user a paid pass, so you can choose if you want to avoid the paid pass before you start the trip.

According to a report by Android Police, the next major feature added is the automatic display of additional charges for roads, bridges, and other potentially expensive navigation paths.

Members of the current affairs program were instructed to conduct investigations to instruct the map development team on how best to implement the verification function. According to the message, before the user makes a selection, tolls and perhaps sums are displayed along the driving route, and they can choose whether they want to save both time and money.

Google Maps now identifies the presence of toll roads in both regular maps and navigation paths. However, certain tolls are not currently in the app, even if you are a member of the preview program. It’s possible that Waze is porting another feature to the map app that Google acquired in 2013. Waze started estimating tolls three years ago. People who have to drive irregular passes or return to new cities cheaply Danillo is immediately visible as it can be a great help to people.

Earlier this month, Google unveiled three new features on Google Maps for iPhone users. First, Google Maps allows iPhone users to share real-time location information using iMessage, Apple’s native messaging app. Second, the design of the new widget shows that it is split into two sections. One represents traffic conditions and the other represents shortcuts to your favorite places and other important locations. Last and finally, Dark Mode is now supported on Google Maps.

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