Instagram Reels Video Time Limit Is Now Up to 60 Seconds

Instagram Reels would now be able to be as long as 60 seconds. Till now, users could pick between 15-second and 30-second video length limits, while its rival TikTok as of late extended its cutoff to three minutes for all makers. It appeared as though it was inevitable before Instagram pursued the direction. Instagram has been trying different things with longer Reels for quite a while, after first stretching out Reels from 15 to 30 seconds last September.


Instagram has likewise declared that it will carry out new wellbeing measures to make young people’s online media encounters more secure. Just the individuals who follow you can see your posts, Stories, and Reels on the off chance that you have a private record. Arbitrary clients can’t remark on their substance and it isn’t apparent in areas like Explore and hashtag.

It will likewise send pop-up messages to current young users, asking them to make theirs accounts private. These progressions make it harder for possibly dubious records to discover youngsters and limit the alternatives for sponsors to target youngsters.

it’ll simply enable people to make longer clasps, or re-reason the very posts that they’re now transferring to TikTok and YouTube Shorts in any case. By moving into line with these other, comparable alternatives, Instagram’s presumably inviting more cross-posting, which will give it more substance for Reels, yet in addition, probably makes for a more dreary encounter across applications.

Aside from extending it to 60 seconds, Instagram included a subtitles sticker Reels to make the recordings more open for the hard-hearing clients, the hard of hearing, and individuals who play Reels without the sound on.

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