Emma Stone Signs on for Cruella Sequel

Emma Stone will return to play Cruella once again in Disney’s upcoming sequel.

Signing Emma Stone in Cruella 2 is a very good sign for Disney. As they face some amount of criticism over its decision to launch movies both in theaters and on Disney+. Scarlett Johansson already filed a proceeding against Disney over this.

Cruella was one of many Disney films released simultaneously on Disney+ with theater and premiere because of the coronavirus pandemic. The same strategy was used in the latest Marvel Cinematic Universe movie Black Widow. But Black Widow’s star Scarlett Johansson said that she was clearly promised an exclusive theater premiere. Disney releasing Black Widow on Disney+ and theater was a breach of her contract. As a result, she sued Disney.

In the wake of Johansson’s lawsuit, there’s been a lot of speculation. Whether other movie stars may have been dissatisfied with Disney’s new launch model will also sue the company. At the time last month, Stone herself said she was “considering her options” on the matter. But so far, it seems very unlikely that she will do so. No other actress is involved in the legal dispute against Disney. Disney ended the controversy with a new deal with Emma Stone.

Cruella was directed by Craig Gillespie. Cruella premiered at the Theater and Disney + on May 28th this year. The film, starring Stone, tells the story of the origins of the classic Disney animated film 101 Damnations.

To date, Cruella has earned $ 226.1 million in box offices worldwide. Disney didn’t officially reveal the number of movie stream’s income. But some sources report that Cruella earned about $ 21 million in Disney+ with Premier Access rentals during the Memorial Day weekend.

Rumors swirled that Stone was also thinking of suing Disney for the same reasons as Johansson. But this casting announcement is crushing that theory. Now Disney is paying attention to their contracts and how talent gets paid. The process is to prevent this from happening again in the future. Stone is sure to like the deal enough to say “yes” to the sequel of Cruella.

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