Google Maps is Introducing the Area Busyness Feature to Help You Keep Away from Congested Areas

Google Maps has begun to roll out a feature that highlights your city or town’s busiest locations. The new feature, dubbed ‘Area Busyness,’ is aimed to help you avoid crowds by automatically detecting whether your neighborhood or a section of your city has more than average footfalls. The Area Busyness function is now available to all users throughout the world.

Google Maps’ Area Busyness combines live busyness trends to display the busiest areas of a city or municipality. The busiest patterns, according to Google, are based on aggregated and anonymized location history data collected from those who have opted in through their Google Account.

On Google Maps, the area closest to its busiest state is designated “Busy Area.” You only need to tap it once to see a graph depicting how busy the location is at different times of day, as well as a directory of nearby restaurants, stores, and recreational opportunities.

The feature is compatible with Android and iOS and can be used in locations with restaurants, stores, and leisure facilities such as museums. After installing the latest version of the app on their smartphones, users all over the world will be able to use the Area Busyness function.

Google Maps Busyness Information Feature:

Since 2016, Google Maps has included information on traffic congestion. You’d be able to find it simply by tapping a certain location on the maps. Last year, Google added clues to site names such as “Usually as busy as it gets” and “Usually not too busy.”

Google has recently increased its efforts in this approach by beginning to indicate congested areas directly on virtual maps. The announcement coincides with the outbreak of the Omicron coronavirus, which is causing people to stay indoors and avoid busy locations.

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