Tinder for anti-vaxxers is banned from Apple App Store

Apple has banned dating and friendship apps Tinder for unvaccinated people on the App Store. But the so-called “Tinder for Anti-Vaxxers” is still available for Android users.

Unjected, which claims to be “a safe space where unvaccinated people can gather without censorship through business, friendship, and love,” was banned on Apple’s App Store after Bloomberg asked the company to comment.

According to an email to Unjected from the company shared with The Post, Apple said Unjected was “misguiding the COVID-19 pandemic in comments or themes.”

However, Unjected can continue to be used on Google’s Play Store, which advertises the unproven claim of the COVID19 vaccine while saying the vaccine “is shedding dangerous spike proteins.”

Shortly after apps like Tinder and Bumble unveiled incentives for users to vaccinate, two women in Hawaii launched the app.

This app contains features such as chat rooms, matches, and an unvaccinated people-friendly business directory, the company co-authored “Social Feed” containing misinformation at Google’s request by Shelby Thomson 27-year-old The photographer, told the Maui Post in Hawaii.

As of Saturday, Unjected also operated an account on antitax Instagram, which has nearly 25,000 followers but was banned at noon on Monday. She said Thomson runs another account that currently has a low number of followers.

Thompson, a 37-year-old spa manager who founded the app with her mother’s Heather Dummy, said she believes Apple, Google, and Facebook have unfairly ‘censored’ her.

Thomson said, “We are misclassified into this anti-vax community. It really isn’t.” “We are not forced to vaccinate. We have to choose.”

Google didn’t respond immediately to the comment request.

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