Twitter makes small changes to its direct messages

Twitter on Thursday introduced some new updates to direct messages, which will be distributed to some users in the coming weeks. Changes include the ability to send messages to multiple people in an individual conversation. Because none of us accidentally started a group chat that way. Now you can share your tweets in up to 20 individual DM dialogues. If the news is hot so that many individuals can be shared at the same time.

This feature will be available first on iOS and the web version of Twitter, and Android will be available sooner.

For iOS users, Twitter is tweaking DM timestamps; now instead of stamping each message within a DM conversation with the date and time, the messages will be grouped by day. This will reduce “timestamp clutter,” Twitter says. Also, iOS users will have access to an “add reaction” button as soon as they double-tap as well as long a message.

Sorry for Android users. However, you can quickly scroll through the DM conversation with your iOS user and press the down arrow button to get the ability to return to the latest message. But you have to wait to have access to the last two features.

Twitter is adding new features regularly. Twitter has a new process of reporting COVID incorrect information, API updates, font changes, etc. that make it easier for other apps to show Spaces audio chat, and many new things in the last few months. In addition to the new DM feature, Twitter announced Thursday that it is testing a feature that will make it easier for users to subscribe to Twitter’s Revue newsletter directly from their Twitter profile. To get started, roll out to the web and Android users.

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