Facebook Brings Reels to its Main App

Reels are live to Facebook in the US. This morning, the company announced that it will begin testing a new feature, Facebook Reels. Which gives Facebook users the ability to create and post short video content directly to their newsroom or Facebook groups. It is also an extension of experiments launched earlier this year in India, Mexico, and Canada. The experiment is to provide Facebook users with short videos, including for sharing reels Instagram is now on Facebook.

Facebook Brings Reels to its Main App

As TikTok continues to gain traction, Facebook continues to look for new ways to curb this growth, with the latest Facebook Reels. That response efforts allow users to create and post Instagram Reels in the main Facebook app.

Facebook said today that it is also testing a new feature that will give US Instagram creators the ability to display their Instagram stories as suggested content on Facebook. If the creator agrees, their video will appear in the Stories section for users. Newsfeed as well as other reels created on Facebook.

People can watch and create videos from the Facebook app. And this feature is designed to empower them to “express themselves, discover entertainment, and help creators expand their reach.” To justify this test, Facebook claims that almost half of the time spent in the app is spent watching videos. In that case, Reels is growing “particularly fast.”

Of course, the remaining question is whether people spend time creating these types of content, especially for Facebook. Facebook competitors like Snapchat paid people, and Snap was spending $ 1 million a day to encourage the creation of Spotlight features. YouTube also announced the Shorts Fund. Which will provide $ 100 million to creators of content for TikTok competitors by the end of next year.

Facebook has announced that it will spend $ 1 billion for Facebook and Instagram creators by 2022. But in the coming months, especially for Facebook Reels, “with additional bonus programs We will launch a seed fund, “he added today. If there’s something that allows people to create content, it promises potentially big dividend spending.

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