Google Meet will Now allow Hosts to Keep Participants Mute and Turn Their Cameras Off

Google Meet is introducing a new feature that allows the meeting host to switch off participants’ microphones or cameras and prevents them from doing so until the host decides to do so. The feature is now available in Google Workspace for the domains Education Fundamentals and Education Plus. Additional Google Workspace variants will be released in the future months.

According to Google, the new microphone and camera lock feature will be turned off by default. If the hosts feel compelled to use the feature, they must do so during meetings.

The microphone and camera lock option will be turned off by default; hosts will have to turn it on if they require it during meetings. If your meeting includes breakout rooms, any audio or video locks set in the main room will be applied to those as well. Individual breakout room locks are not transferable to other breakout rooms or the main room.

If a host activates the lock function, users who are using older versions of the iOS and Android applications will be excluded from the meeting. You won’t be allowed to join the meeting if they’re switched on before the meeting and you’re using one of those older apps. Turning off the locks, according to Google, will allow those using older apps to join in meetings.

When Will Google Meet Get This Feature?

Google offered the option for meeting hosts to mute everyone at once in Google Meet on PCs earlier this year. The tool, which began rolling out to users on the Rapid Release schedule on Thursday, will be available to all Google Workspace subscribers. On November 1st, it will begin rolling out to those on the Scheduled Release track.

The feature could be handy for meeting presenters to discourage disruptive or boisterous visitors from interrupting sessions even after they have been muted.

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