The world’s first high-tech float dairy farm

The world’s first high-tech float dairy farm in the Netherlands

Netherlands is bordered around the country due to its low level of sea level. Because of the geography and environment, Duchess have fought against the sea. So they are quite skilled to build embankments and bridges. Not only in our own country, there are cities in the world, with the Dutch protector’s reserves and bridges. In the same sequence, the Dutch is building its own country-floating dairy farm.

This farm floating in the water is like experts who will meet the growing food needs of the countries. This firm’s location is Rotterdam. It is said that the special structure will be one of the Iconic deployments of the Dutch.

The company named Beladon,

will make this special farm in Port-city Rotterdam. It is also known that the help of advanced technology will be taken to manage the farm. Milk milking, special transportation and specialized LED bulbs in milk transport will be used on the farm.

The three-story height will be anchored on the beach. The farm will be launched at the end of this year. The goal of producing 800 liters of milk daily is to the farm.

The idea of ​​such a farm was first introduced by Dutch engineer Peter Van Bhindi Garden. He said, due to the collapse of many farms in the hurricane Sandy, fresh food crisis arose. Since then, the engineer is planning a technology based farm.


High-tech float dairy farm

The materials used on the farm will be reused. Food will come from Rotterdam 80 percent of the food industry. The grass will also be given to the cattle in the farm. Some will be collected from local wheat mills. The energy demand here will be met with the help of solar power.

Grass will be produced using special cellphones there. After production of milk produced on this farm, it will be purified in a special process. Here will be produced yogurt. Dung will be used as fertilizer.

According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, it will be an Iconic establishment and milestone that will inspire this type of farm in future. This farm can become ideal for water, fertilizers and insecticides. But to see how much such a farm can provide for growing food demand, now it is worth watching.

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