How to understand, Your phone is tapped?

How to understand, Your phone is tapped

The current time, phone tap is becoming alarming. Hackers can steal many important information by tapping on the phone.

As a result, you can also be in trouble at any time as a user. How do you know your phone is being tapped?

  • You are talking to someone on the phone. But, sometimes you hear sounds from the other end of the suspicious phone. Never take the matter lightly. If there is a danger of phone tap.
  • The mobile battery was working properly. But, suddenly, noticed that no charge is charged for charging more than the charges. Immediately talk to the experts about the matter.
  • Trying to shut down your phone, but the phone is not going to happen. If you do, be careful! May be your phone hacked.
  • Are you receiving any suspicious SMS? Your phone is turning off occasionally? Do not take the matter lightly. If the phone is a ‘bizarre’ behavior then it is doubtful.
  • You are not using the phone. An electronic device near the phone suddenly started shaking. Hacking your phone is not using anyone?
  • Is your data usage going to increase? Can not prevent internet surfing in any way? Be cautious if this happens. Contact the service provider if needed.
  • Keep an eye on the phone bill. Contact the service provider if the suspicious bill is seen.

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