Google Plus was closed

Google Plus was officially closed from April 2, 2019.

Google’s search engine giant Google launched this social network eight years ago to outsmart Facebook and Twitter.

Failure to try to popularize the site and announcement of closure after the security flaw was detected by the end of last year. News BBC.

Google Plus was launched in 2011. Within a few weeks of launch, millions of users sign up through this social network. But few people used to sign it. At that time many analysts started writing about the end of this medium.

Although Google did not give up hope. Various changes and additions came.

But in the year 2018 users were frustrated after the personal leaks were leaked by Google authorities. Decision to stop the platform.

Google announced the final decision to close Google Plus in the middle of last month. At that time, the process of deleting user data will start from April 2.

However, all information on Google Plus will not be permanently deleted. Google’s Internet and archive team reported that they are making arrangements to save Google+ users before removing public posts.

Of course, all the content of Google+ will not be archived. Keeping the private and user deleted content will not be covered. Apart from this, more than 500 comments on the comment thread of a post are not being saved. However, the resolution of the photo and video content will be reduced and saved.

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