Mark Zuckerberg wants strict policy

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has called on policy makers and governments (The Senate Committees, The European Union) to make the Internet safer.

An op-ed published on Saturday’s news post on the Washington Post.

There he asked the policy makers to create a more rigorous policy on harmful content, transparency in elections, information privacy and easy removal of data. He has also highlighted 8 points for formulating new policies.

He believes that it is possible to accept the best aspects of the internet by changing the policy.

He said helping the freedom of expression and spreading new inventions to entrepreneurs and saving society from greater losses, he said that the Internet is a good aspect.

Mark Zuckerberg also said that they have to make decisions every day with regards to what is harmful, no content is being promoted as political advertising, how to prevent sophisticated cyber attacks.

These are important for keeping Facebook users safe. But if the policy makers started from the beginning, then the companies (social media) alone would not have to deal with those situations.

Although there is a stringent policy, but there is a complaint against Facebook for breaking the policy. Facebook is under surveillance because of data transfer of users to different companies.

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