New features on Google Maps

New features on Google Maps
Google Map

Google Map brings a new feature This feature looks like Google is going to compete with other online food service providers. Listening to the name of the feature will become more clear to you.

Indian technology media Gadgets Now said, the name of this new feature of Google Map is ‘Popular Dishes feature’. Users will find food through this.

Not only that, what can be found in a restaurant, how the food quality will be, how much of the restaurant distance from the customers’ location, etc. can be found through the app. The report also mentions that there will be photographs with food.

Due to this, there is no other problem with finding a restaurant. This will be especially helpful for those who prefer to eat somewhere new to some extent.

However, analysts say that if this feature is added to Google Maps, other food service providers will be in the challenge. Naturally people believe more about Google. It will also provide better services than any other organization. As a result, customers will not be able to collect information from other places except Google Maps.

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