Hacker who blackmailed Pornsite users, jailed for cybercrime !

Hacker who blackmailed Pornsite users, jailed for cybercrime !

Hacker who blackmailed

A student in the profession. But he is skilled at other things including hacking. He has used that skill.

But not a good job. Made hostage And at least seven lac euros, but it did not last long. He was caught in the hands of law enforcers.

The name of the student is Jane Kaiser. He is a resident of Barking London, England.

Kaiser used to host those who use porn sites worldwide.

Investigators who came to investigate found out that they took seven lac euros of their own hands, but the network they used to do was handing over four lac euros.

The British royal court sentenced Cesar to six years in prison. Kaiser has now been given the biggest prison sentence in the UK’s history in the cybercriminal case.

And the country’s National Crime Agency said that it has seen the second biggest success. Earlier, in another case, a British court sentenced the country to the national internet access.

The company said that Kaiser and his network attacked at least 1, 65,000 computers. In which they get success in only 5 percent. That means they were able to earn money from at least eight thousand people.

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