New features in Gmail

Google’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered Inbox by Gmail service has been discontinued, but some new features have been added to e-mail.

This feature has been added to mark the 15th anniversary of the e-mail on April 1st this month. Adding these new features allows users to compile quickly, enjoy certain benefits, including deliveries at specific times.

Gmail’s new features are –

E-mail Delivery Schedule:

You can schedule e-mail delivery in new features. If you specify a specific time, then e-mail will be available at that time.

Actionable Inbox:

Google will make e-mails that are different from the e-mails that Google Doc will do. New actionable inbox has been added for this. As a result, you can easily find the necessary e-mails.

Smart Compose:

Quick compilation of e-mail can be done through smart compose features. Smart compose will work accordingly as to how to start e-mail. Also, when the email is finished, the topic will suggested by this new feature.

From now on, Gmail will be working in more than four new languages, smart compose features. This will make smart compose in French, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian.

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