Squid Game: Netflix Best Non-English Drama

Squid Game is a Netflix’s Korean horror-thriller series. “Which has a very good chance” of becoming the most-watched Netflix show, said Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos on Monday.

“There is no doubt that Squid Game will be our biggest non-English language show in the world,” said Sarandos. He is also Netflix’s head of content. However, he added that there is “a very good chance it will be our biggest show ever.”

Show # 1 on Netflix from Monday is a Korean drama with a strange name- Squid Game. Squid Game was released on September 17. It is a nine-episode series about a world where children’s games become lethal. Squid Game is the first Korean drama to reach No. 1 on Netflix. It did so only four days after its release. It is bloody and cruel, but it’s also addictive and binge-worthy.

Let’s jump into the discussion where you’ll learn more about Netflix’s recent hit Korean horror series- Squid Game.

Warning: There are some spoilers ahead, although we will only explain the basics of the show and not who is alive or dying.

What is Squid Game about?

Squid Game centers on a group of people in South Korea who are deeply in debt. They are initially duped into participating in a deadly tournament of children’s games, but many of them volunteer to return, realizing that the games may be their only chance to win the money they require to survive. The stakes are high: 45 billion South Korean won, which equates to USD 38 million (£27 million, AU$52 million). However, the chances of survival are slim. Consider The Hunger Games with only Red Light, Green Light, and Marbles contests.

Squid Game will remind you of The Hunger Games, as well as Hostel and other horror films when a group of masked rich VIPs arrives to bet on and cheer on the deaths. But Squid Game isn’t a knockoff; it’s a well-executed drama/horror series. Rich backstories are created not only for desperate contestants but also for those in charge of the game. Make sure you don’t miss the final episode, which is a real thrill ride.

Why Should You Watch The Series?

Without a doubt, the show has a dark theme, and blood flows freely. It’s unsettling to see children’s games turned into deadly battles, and it’s not for everyone. However, the characters are well-developed, and the action moves quickly and never stops.

The main character Seong Gi-hun is a desperate father who is easy to root for, but not perfect in a heartbreaking episode where his actions lead to an excruciating death. And not only him, among the other participants there is an older man who becomes the grandfather of the group, a North Korean refugee, a gangster with a snake tattoo on his face, and a very educated man who was the pride of his hometown but did not fully live up to its potential.

The characters are quickly and smoothly introduced, and then the games begin. After watching an episode, it’s difficult not to want to watch more, even if it’s just to see who survives the next twisted game. Then there’s that ending.

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