Ring of fire / Solar Eclipse 2021: When, where, and how to see the annular solar eclipse

A Solar Eclipse or Surya Grahan is coming up on June 10. This will be the ‘ring of fire’ or annular Solar Eclipse. Only a couple of days prior we saw a Lunar Eclipse named ‘Super Flower Blood Moon‘ and inside a fortnight, there will be an annular Solar Eclipse. Presently we are halfway through an obscuration season.

The ‘ring of fire’ will sparkle with only 1/10 of the sun’s ordinary absolute light and “close to the place of the best shroud over the polar district, the annular stage will last as long as three minutes and 51 seconds…,” as indicated by space.com.

Ring of Fire

A sun-powered overshadowing happens when the Moon moves between the Sun and Earth, projecting a shadow on Earth, completely or in part hindering the Sun’s light in certain spaces. During an annular shroud, the Moon is far enough away from Earth that the Moon seems more modest than the Sun in the sky. Since the Moon doesn’t obstruct the whole perspective on the Sun, it will resemble a dim plate on top of a bigger, splendid circle. This makes what resembles a ring of fire around the Moon.


The first Solar Eclipse of 2021 may be seen on June 10. During a sun eclipse, the Moon actions among the Sun and Earth, and blocks the mild of the Sun from attaining Earth. The sun eclipse occasion will begin at 01:42 PM (IST) and may be seen till 06:41 PM (IST)

From where you can see the ‘Ring of Fire’ Solar Eclipse?

The solar eclipse can be seen from the components of Canada, Greenland, and Russia. It can be seen for people who are primarily based totally in Canada, northern Ontario, and the north aspect of Lake Superior.

In a few places, visitors won’t get to look at this ring across the Moon. They’ll as a substitute enjoy a partial solar eclipse. This occurs while the Sun, Moon, and Earth aren’t precisely coated up. The Sun will seem to have a darkish shadow on handiest the part of its surface. Viewers in elements of the Japanese United States and northerly Alaska will see a partial solar eclipse on June 10, alongside a whole lot of Canada and elements of the Caribbean, Europe, Asia, and northerly Africa.

How can you watch Solar Eclipse if it is not visible from your region?

In many places, the eclipse will arise before, for the duration of, and soon after dawn. This approach that visitors will want to get a clear view of the horizon for the duration of dawn for you to see the eclipse.

However, the annular solar eclipse will not be seen in Bangladesh or India. The celestial occasion may be watched online. A stay circulates hyperlink of the solar eclipse has been shared with the aid of using timeanddate.com in order that the occasion may be visible sincerely on June 10.


It is in no way secure to view directly the Sun’s rays, even supposing the Sun is in part or mainly obscured. When looking at a partial solar eclipse or annular solar eclipse, you need to put on sun viewing or eclipse glasses during the complete eclipse in case you need to stand the Sun. Solar viewing or eclipses glasses are NOT ordinary glass; ordinary glasses aren’t secure for viewing the Sun.

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