How do you know if your iPhone is refurbished?

When purchasing a used iPhone, there is always some element of mystery involved. Was the phone bought new by the person who is selling it to you? Is it remodeled?

It turns out that you can find out that information by looking at the device’s serial number.

It’s a trick that’s been around for quite some time.

How to Know that your iPhone is refurbished or not?

The first letter of your phone’s serial number will tell you whether it is new, refurbished, a replacement phone, or personalized.

To find out, go to the Settings menu on your iPhone, then General, and finally About. From there, look for “Model.” The first letter of that model number will be either an M, N, F, or P and will explain the history of your phone.

M – New phone

F- Refurbished phone

N – Replacement phone. N – Phone replacement. This is for devices that the original owner most likely obtained from the Apple store after their original phone developed a problem.

P – Personalized. When these phones were purchased, they were personalized with engraving.

That’s all! It’s super simple and can be a great way to learn more about the history of an iPhone before purchasing a used one.

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