Sri Lanka Hotel Explosion | With video

Sri Lanka Hotel Explosion With video
Before and after the explosion at the Kingsbury Hotel, the footage of the Close Circuit (CC) cameras Photo: Collected

On 21 April Sri Lanka celebrates Easter Sunday in Colombo, where there is a horrific bomb attack.

Bombings in three churches and three luxury hotels have killed 359 people. Of them, 38 are foreigners and 45 are children. In addition, more than 500 people were injured.

Recently, the footage of the closure cameras of the closed circuit (CC) during the explosion of Kingston Hotel in Sri Lanka came in front. It appears in the footage that a suspect was entering the hotel with a lobby before the blast.

The video shows that the man who was lifted up in the hotel, lifted up with the elevator.

Then entered into a room. After coming out of the room, the elevator came down to the hotel dining room. Then the explosion took place in the dining room and shook and shouted.

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