OneDrive Update: Now you can crop, rotate, and adjust colors on the web and Android

Microsoft announced Tuesday that it will update OneDrive with the default photo editing features of the Web and Android. The new feature creates an environment for storing OneDrive photos closely with the one provided by Google Photos.

You can cut and rotate your photos with the editing features that OneDrive now supports to adjust their brightness and color. Photo editing only works with JPEG or PNG files and is only available with your current personal OneDrive account. Microsoft has announced plans to extend its photo editing capabilities to business and school accounts this summer, expanding the iOS OneDrive app later this year.

Image: Microsoft

Microsoft also offers some other features for the Android version of the OneDrive app. Now you can transfer the images to your Chromecast-enabled device so that others can see your photos in real-time. OneDrive also offers a new way to compose photos. Microsoft will automatically create folders based on the photo upload source, regardless of the photos, OneDrive saved on WhatsApp within the next two months. Say add settings to do. The screenshot was taken directly.

Image: Microsoft

All these changes are minor but may certainly have. The attractiveness of using Google Photos has diminished, and all services that directly compete against it are good. We hope that the changes will be expanded at a price in the near future.

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